Zoella Secret Scenta Review


I’m always a little bit wary of buying ‘Youtuber’ branded products for fear of paying for the name rather than the product so, when I picked this up from Superdrug a few weeks ago, I wasn’t expecting much but I had a pleasant surprise!

The only product I’ve owned from any of the Zoella ranges were the Sweet Inspirations bath fizzers which, to be perfectly honest, I thought were a load of crap for the money, but I did love the scent of that particular range so I knew I’d at least have one body mist I’d use in this set.  The Sweet Inspirations smell is such a sweet, vanillary, sugary scent and it’s right up my alley.  If you’re not a fan of super sweet scents this probably won’t be for you but I think it smells delicious.

Blissful Mistful was the first range she ever released (I think, don’t hold me to that), and I find the scent quite difficult to describe but I certainly really like it.  It’s quite fruity but with a sweet undertone so isn’t too fruity or ‘young’.  I think this scent is perfect for everyday wear and will probably purchase another bottle when I’m finished with this one.

Let’s Spritz is, I feel, the youngest scent in the collection.  It’s quite fruity and I can definitely pick out some sort of berry hidden within the notes.  It’s not my favourite of the bunch but certainly isn’t unpleasant.

This is the scent I was most excited about and a new release this year, Bake My Day.  If I was to bottle Christmas in a scent, this would be it.  It is so cozy and warm, with hints of gingerbread, chocolate, and cinnamon, I just adore this scent.  I just wish she’d make it into a candle!

For £15 I think this would make a lovely gift for someone (or yourself) and I now have a little more faith in the Zoella beauty range! What’s your favourite Zoella beauty product?