Winter Lip Care- Blogmas #8 // vanityandvodka


My lips hate the winter.  I suffer from dry lips anyway but in winter things take a turn for the worse.  To stop them getting cracked and bleeding constantly I have a few products I rely on.


For everyday use I use Maybelline’s Baby Lips, which I previously didn’t like all that much but when the winter collection came out I fell in love slightly (think I picked a bad shade before).  I like the fact I can wear a lip colour yet still feel like my lips are getting a really good moisturiser, where as some tinted lip balms don’t help with dryness all that much. They cost under £4 and they have a really good colour range, the formula is awesome and it’s super light weight.


If I don’t want a tint I’ll pop this on in the morning, this is also the lip balm I keep in my bag to put on throughout the day.  It does a good job of keeping my lips moisturised without being super heavy or sticky.


This lip balm from ‘The Organic Pharmacy’ is a super heavy, sticky, thick balm I put on over night to let it sink in.  I took this on the plane with me when I flew to Florida because it’s such a super moisturising balm and even coped with the air con inside a plane for 8 hours!


These next two are my two current favourites for winter, they both have a similar consistency and I love the flavours especially for winter time. They both cost around £2-£3 so they’re really affordable and perfect for this time of year.


Hope this helps anyone who, like me, suffers with dry lips.

Thanks for reading!

Steph Louise x