What’s In My Bag? Collaboration with Petite Olive Blog!

Today is a good day because I’m collaborating with Samantha from Petite Olive Blog  who has recently started her blog up again.  You can go and check out her “What’s In My Bag” over on her blog and you can find her on Twitter and Instagram here so you should go give her some love because she’s lovely!

The bag I currently use is the Jet Set Tote from Micheal Kors.  It’s the perfect size for me and I loooove it.  The only thing that bugs me is the fact it doesn’t have a longer strap but I’m getting used to not having one now.

I’ve got a PocketBac in Beach Life strapped onto the outside of my bag because germs everywhere.

An honest what’s in my bag..


Peppermint capsules, all the IBS sufferers out there- you get me.

Because I don’t like water I have to carry one of these around with me everywhere.

Dry Shampoo #1

I don’t carry a lot of make up around surprisingly- just a lip gloss and a concealer.

For smelly moments.

Dry shampoo #2

This could come in useful one day..

My sparkly pen and little notebook.

Oversized Primark sunglasses.

My Juicy Couture Purse mainly full of loyalty cards.

Hope you enjoyed this post- don’t forget to check out Samantha’s blog!

Steph Louise x