What I Ate Today (Lunch) // vanityandvodka

I’m by no means a healthy person.  I eat way to much of the wrong stuff way to much of the time.  But I am trying to eat healthier and tone up a bit and I like reading these posts even if I never bother trying any of the things I see.


I popped into a local Cafe today which specializes in healthier things and are especially good when it comes to gluten free things/veganism etc.


They do salad boxes for £2.95 which change daily.  Today there was a selection of lentil, mushroom, potato and beetroot.  I’m not normally a salad person but this has so much variety I really enjoy them.


Although I shouldn’t have had this I couldn’t resist it.  This is a homemade Malteser brownie that finished of that salad perfectly (oops).

Steph Louise x