Weekly Round Up #2 – Blogmas #16 // vanityandvodka

I really liked doing this post last week so I want to try and make this a more regular post.  I know these photos aren’t the best quality or very suited to my blog or style of my normal photos.  But I don’t do a tonne of lifestyle posts and these photos are literally just random photos I take for myself rather than my blog, so things like lighting, composure and things aren’t really thought about when the photo is being taken.

There’s not a tonne of photos this week but hey ho.


I’m lucky enough to live in the country and although I would love to move to the city taking walks like we did last weekend is pretty awesome.  We live about 5 minutes away from this tower and can see it from our house.  It’s on top of a huge hill (which I have walked up- actually last Christmas Eve) so the views are pretty awesome and if you’re lucky you can spot some deer pottering around.


I’ve been on two Christmas meals, one with the family and one with work.  This dessert was from the family do and was so gorgeous! I had some a classic roast turkey dinner which was okay but this millionaires shortbread brownie took the meal from a 2 up to a 9.  It was soooo good.


I’ve been really surprised at how much I’ve been liking salads recently. I picked this up for my lunch recently, what I like about this salad is the variety and it’s not just greens.  Ham, bread and pasta with coleslaw is pretty lush to me.


We travelled about an hour to see the Coca Cola truck stop off at a city.  Honestly it was pretty cool but a bit disappointing, the queue for the free little can of Coke was so long and the line for the photos was even longer but it was awesome to see it anyway.

Thank you for reading!

Steph Louise x