A Subscription Box for Dogs?! Vivadog Review

vivadog review

I’ve been a fan of subscription boxes for a while now, on Vanity and Vodka I’ve written about Glossybox, The Powder Drawer, Kawaii Box and Love Me Beauty to name a few.  So when I found out doggy subscription boxes existed I had to grab one.

The cost for a Vivadog box in total is £19.99(inc.shipping) but when I signed up they were doing a deal where your first box was free so I actually only paid for £5 shipping(!).  If you are interested in grabbing one that deal has sadly ended but you can still save 50% from your first box on their website now.

Our first box contained 5 things in total, 2 toys, 2 food items and some poop bags which I was certainly happy with but the real test came down to what Bruno thought of the box.

vivadog review

The first thing he grabbed was the Kong Braided Chew Toy, he seems to enjoy toys he can really get his teeth into and this one seemed to be able to take a good chewing.

vivadog review vivadog review

He was less impressed with the Rosewood Donut toy but I think the squeak certainly impressed him.

vivadog review

We practiced some tricks with the Gloria Chicken Snacky’s (he’s nailed sit and paw…we’re working on ‘down’), and these little bone-shaped treats seemed to go down very well (although with a labrador I have yet to find anything that doesn’t go down a treat!).

vivadog review

Bruno has yet to try his ham bones because I’m saving them for another day (he has a bone on the go as I’m writing this) but I can guarantee these will provide hours of entertainment for him and the last thing in the box was probably Brunos least favourite (not that he didn’t try and run off with them) but they will certainly prove useful to us out on walks.

I was going to try and calculate the total price on the box contents but unfortunately I’m finding it difficult to find some products online, the Kong toy seems to be unavailable everywhere (not sure if this particular toy has been discontinued) and I’m finding it impossible to find any products under the ‘Gloria’ name which makes me think I’m either reading the name wrong or they’re made by Vivadog themselves.

We’ll be trying Vivadog again next month so expect another post soon! Have you tried any subscription boxes for your pets? What did you think?