Tsum Tsum Squishes! // vanityandvodka

I’m a huge sucker for cute, useless ‘junk’, you know that stuff you buy because it’s cute? I just about resisted the Disney Tsum Tsum plushies, simple because I couldn’t quite figure out where I’d display them, but once I spotted these super cute little Tsum Tsum squishes I could not resist. Just look at them!! *insert heart eye emoji*.


If you’re a Disney fan and, like me, are slightly dying at the cuteness of these you can find them at Tesco’s (online here) but I’m sure you could find them online somewhere if you haven’t got a Tesco near you.  You can buy them in packs of 4 (£5) or 2 (£3), they come in a transparent packet so you can see what you’re getting but you do also get one surprise Tsum Tsum hidden in the pack which is quite fun.

They’re not super squishy, they feel more like an eraser than a squishy but they’re super easy to stack up in a little pyramid so they look super freaking cute aggh.

I will hopefully be collecting all of these little dudes so will update you on any new additions to the collection, here are the little squishes I’ve already picked up.


Figaro (Pinocchio) and Hamm (Toy Story)


Cinderella and Anna (Frozen)


Boo (Monsters Inc.) and Baymax (Big Hero 6)

Does anyone else collect these? Let me know!

Steph Louise x