Treating Yourself This Valentines Day

valentines day

Whether you’re a single lady or your other half is away for the day, Valentines Day is a great time to spend some time on you.

Whether it’s ordering yourself some new makeup or spending a day tucked up in bed, here’s my list of things you can do to make the day a bit brighter!

Buy yourself some flowers; don’t wait for someone else to buy you any, buy your own damn flowers! Find the biggest bouquet of pretty pink roses you can and enjoy them!

Pamper yourself; whether you choose to splash out on a spa day or massage, or choose to pick up a face mask and stay at home, a pamper day is always a good call.

Have a stay at home day; curl up with a good book or film, order some takeaway and drink all the wine.  Nothing beats that.  Nothing.

Retail therapy; this is my personal favourite!  If you don’t fancy leaving your bed then log onto ASOS or Cult Beauty to do your thing!

What are your plans for V-Day? Let me know and have a wonderful day!