Travel Edit: Florida

Travel Edit: Florida

If someone gave me £100,000 and let me free on the world the first thing I would do is to quit my job (force Chris to quit his too- sorry mate) and travel.  Anywhere, just travel.

I adore travelling, especially abroad, but my problem is that it tends to cost money- a lot of which I don’t have.  So instead I just like dreaming and planning for trips and places I plan to visit in the future or even revisit (Pinterest you’re bae for this shit).

Instead of keeping my, slightly sad, travel wishlists to myself I thought I’d write about them on my blog so everyone else gets the travel feels- soz.

I’ve actually been to Florida 2x already but I’m sat here looking at old photos feeling a little sad I’m not going again so I guess what? It’s making up wishlist #1.

#1- Back to Disneyland

Yes I’ve already been and hell yeah I want to go again.  It really is so magical and amazing and beautiful. I’ve been twice now, once when I was about 6/7 and last year but I still feel like there is so much more to do and explore.  I’d love a whole day from the opening to the evening fireworks just exploring and definitely with a spare bit of money  because there is so much I want to buy!! I will quite happily wait in ques for rides and characters which we didn’t do last time because it was so so hot. Maybe I’d go in a cooler month next time? Halloween time looks amazing!!

2# Back to Universal Studios

Last summer was the first time I’d been to Universal and it was so freaking huge and awesome.  Like it was amazing.  They had areas- I’m thinking specifcally of the Simpsons here, where you were literally walking around in that show.  It was all decorated so perfectly but again it was so hot I felt there was so much more we could have seen.  Definitely one to go back to.

#3 Miami!

It’s one of those cities I’ve always wanted to visit- city and a beach? Yes please, thanks very much.

#4 Full Size Barbie Dream House

I used to play with Barbie when I was a kid and I pretty much love everything pink so why wouldn’t I want to go to a life size Barbie house?

#5 Blue Springs

Okay wow I have never seen such a perfect looking natural pool.  The water is really bright blue with trees as a canopy- it looks like paradise.  I’d love to spend a day swimming in the sun there!

#6 Florida Mall

I was lucky enough to spend a little bit of time here when I visited Florida in the summer but there were two problems- not enough time and definitely not enough money!  I headed straight to Sephora and pretty much spent out last time so this time maybe I’d limit my Sephora spending a bit more… There are just so many things you can get in the US that aren’t available in the UK and shopping is my absolute favourite past time so to visit this place again would be pretty great.