Tips for Exploring Amsterdam

Tips for Exploring Amsterdam
In early April myself and Chris spent a few days in the beautiful city of Amsterdam, you can check out my photo diary here, and we picked up a few things we’d certainly consider next time we visited so I thought this might make a good post for anyone thinking of visiting.

Cyclists and scooters rule the path/road/everywhere

When people say there are a lot of bicycles in Amsterdam they aren’t kidding, the whole city is full of cyclists and if you’re not careful you will get run over.  The roads are a little confusing as cycle paths tend to be more common than actual paths.  Just make sure to look both ways and then look again!

Buying an unlimited tram ticket will be your golden ticket to the city

Amsterdam does public transport really well (take note England), which we found is one of the best ways to get around the city.  We purchased a 24-hour travel card which covered all metros and trams for about 7 euros which were worth every penny (or cent!).  The metro’s themselves run until 12 am every day and they’re really simple to use (especially if you use Citymapper).  By the second day we were travelling around the city like a local (kind of).

Get data on your phone in order to be able to use your maps

Originally I wasn’t going to bother getting data on my phone while in Amsterdam.  I knew the hotel had wifi and I didn’t think I would need this while out and about but how very wrong I was.  When walking around Amsterdam you’ll tend to find all streets and canals look very similar, and trying to navigate your way just using your memory is near impossible.  I ended up paying £3 a day for 500mb of data which was more than enough (still ended up getting lost though oops).

Use Citymapper

Citymapper was a lifesaver when we visited Amsterdam, I’d have had absolutely no idea where I was going if it hadn’t have been for this handy little app.  This is totally free to use and you simply pop in your destination and current location and it will tell you exactly which public transport to get, along with when the next one is due and your estimated arrival time.

Wear comfy shoes

We spent a lot of time walking around exploring, so take my advice- comfy shoes are a must. 

What advice would you give to someone visiting Amsterdam?