Things That Made Me Smile in 2016

I’m not going to lie, 2016 was a pretty crappy year for me but I wanted to find some positive bits to focus on and going through my picture gallery on my phone made me realise that, actually, more happy bits happened in 2016 than I originally thought.

Driving my Dream Car

I was lucky enough to have received a gift experience in which I was able to drive 3 supercars of my choice earlier this year, an Audi R8 is my absolute dream car and I was able to take it for a spin around the track which was amazing (I was too scared to go over 80mph though).

Giving Blood for the 1st Time

Apologies if you’re a bit squeamish but this is such an important thing and I felt I needed to include it.  I’m not a fan of needles but this was honestly quite a pleasant experience, all the staff were lovely, you felt very looked after and it gave you such a lovely feeling knowing you’d done a good thing.


Vanwest was the first Volkswagen show me and Chris went to together, while we were on holiday in Devon we stumbled across a huge field full of old campers, cars, stages, campers and stalls.  It was such a fun afternoon, we spent time lurking around the stores in the sun and it was awesome, I also tried a drink with alcoholic gummy bears and totally fell in love.

Getting my 4th tattoo

After a bit of a crappy time (see here) I decided to get another tattoo after reading this incredible poem called ‘And Still I Rise'(give it a Google if you’re having a bit of a shitty time), I loved the poem and this tattoo is a constant reminder of it.


In Summer I visited Magaluf which was the my first holiday abroad without parents, it’s not at all like it’s portrayed on the media (take a look at my travel diary here), it’s a lovely place with beautiful blue seas and gorgeous weather in which we spent our time shopping and sunbathing.

My Car

I was lucky enough to get a new car this year- I haven’t had the best luck with cars (this being my 3rd in under a year) but I do feel very lucky to be driving this around every day (not an R8 but it’ll do).

Moving into a new job

I’ve wanted to work in care for a few years now so when the opportunity came up this year I was excited to give it ago and I loved it, however, the hours were exhausting and meant I hardly saw Chris/my family so when my old job offered me a new position I trotted back to work within the GP surgery.

It was a hard decision to make because I truly loved my job but I’m still able to work there as a second job just as and when I choose.

Visiting Dartmouth

Whilst on a holiday in Devon during the summer we took the train to Dartmouth and I fell in love, it’s such a gorgeous town which is only assessable by ferry/train.  We mooched around the shops, took a ferry trip around the town and stopped for a drink at the most beautiful cafe.

A car show and a road trip

We visited a car show in the Summer located up in Berkeley Castle, which again, was full of stores, old VW vans and this super cute ‘paint your own’ figure store.  We then went on a little road trip up to Cheddar Gorge which I haven’t visited for years and it was just such a happy day.

Bloggers Blog Awards

A huge highlight of 2016 was the Bloggers Blog Awards, this was my first big blogging event and I was kind of in awe at some of the incredible bloggers attending.  I was lucky enough to score a ride with Gweni, Beth and Sarah (3 hour road trip basically consisted of constant Girls Aloud) and met some other awesome blogger girlies (inc Brogan Tate and Amy from Salt and Chic agh!).  It was a brilliantly organised day and I felt super inspired on leaving.

Visiting London

This was the second time I’ve visited London (that I can remember) and I fell in love once again this visit.  I visited with a friend so we hit Oxford Street (Oxford Street Lush was incredible) and I went on the tube for the first time (first thoughts; sticky, busy and confusing).  I’d like to explore the city more in 2017 and make more of an effort to visit more often.

Rejoining the gym

Rejoining the gym and actually going maybe totally different things but I made a step in the right direction right?

Visiting a Shisha Bar

Whilst visiting the German Market in Birmingham this December we also visited a Shisha Bar and it was awesome!  The bar we visited had a ‘beach area’ where we could lounge on huge beanbags and smoke some shisha.  I’d never tried it before but we picked a ‘Sex on the Beach’ flavor (my favourite cocktail) and it was super tasty.