The A-Z of Me!


I came across this idea recently on Bloglovin and I wish I could remember the bloggers name so I can credit her but unfortunately I have the memory of a goldfish with concussion. Sorry girl!

The idea behind this is to list the alphabet and match one word to every letter, including a little fact with each word.  So here are some facts about me, you probably don’t care about!

Audi R8– My dream car.  I drove one once a little while ago which just confirmed my love for them!
Blogging- My blog is coming up to it’s 1st birthday soon!
Citreon C2- My current car. Eugh.
Dogs- I love them. I want to cuddle them all and let them know they’re loved.
Eating- My favourite past time lol.
Fanni- My nickname in highschool..Ste..phanie. Get it? The imagination of 13 year olds.
Game of Thrones- Probably the best TV show. Ever. #thenightisdarkandfullofterrors

Hollie- The name of my beautiful little Yorkie.

In my bed- Where I’m happiest, especially if you add the bf and food.

Jeremy Kyle- My guilty pleasure TV show.

Kia Rio- My next new car- bring on September!

Litchfield- Yeah Orange is the New Black is another favourite TV show. #teamalex and #teamstella.. I can’t quite decide.

My Boo- One of my favourite people in the world, my lovely bf Chris.

New York- I’d love, love, love to visit New York one day, armed with thousands of dollars to shop. Yeah maybe right?

Orlando- Probably my favourite place in the world. Take me back pls.

Piercings- My body hates them, I’ve not had a piercing that hasn’t been rejected yet.

Queen- the one and only Jaclyn Hill, where I learn 99% of my makeup skills.

Reading- I’m pretty happy tucked up with a good book in bed.

Stationary- I have a slight obsession with all the cute notebooks, stickers and pens.

Tattoos- I now have 4!

Unicorn- Doesn’t really relate to me at all..I just like unicorns and U was a hard letter..

Velvet Teddy- My favourite MAC lipstick.

White Chicks- Still the best movie ever.

X– Yeah I really couldn’t think of one for X soz.

Yellow- A colour I have a love hate relationship with, I hate ‘dull’ yellows but I think a super bright yellow can look amazing against monochrome.

Zero- Probably how many shits you give about this post. Thanks for reading though!

Steph Louise x