Why you Shouldn’t Work for this Company // Boutique of Molly

Why you Shouldn’t Work for this Company // Boutique of Molly

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I don’t want my blog to be a negative place by any means but unfortunately, this is a bit of a negative subject- I’ve been a bit on the fence about posting this but after hearing other new bloggers have had the same experience, I feel this needs to be addressed.

The online store I’m going to be referring to, due to my own experience, is an online clothing store called Boutique of Molly.  But I would like to point out that this store is not the only store to take advantage of new bloggers by any means, but like I said, this is the store I have had a bad experience in so will be mentioning and referring to in this post.  A few fellow bloggers have also mentioned to me how they were unhappy with how they were treated by Boutique of Molly so I know I’m not the only one who thinks this!

I was contacted by the store quite a few months ago, around late January time this year when I had only had my blog a few months and didn’t have much of a following.  They DM’d me on Twitter asking to work with me on a post and sent over some information to me via email.  At this point, they were very lovely and professional and I had no problem with working with them, I’d only had my blog a few months and had never worked with a brand before so, of course, I was excited when a brand approached me for the first time.

They offered me a 30% discount in return for a blog post and promotion on their product, I was also promised next day delivery for the price of standard delivery (this never happened).  Their email also said that after I had blogged about them once, the discount would increase and I would receive products to review for free.

When I received the dress, it wasn’t the best quality, I felt that for the price it could have been a lot better.  I quote another blogger when I say they were like ‘market shop finds’ and I couldn’t agree more.

My post on the dress didn’t go up immediately simply because I had trouble with the weather (bloody England eh?), I did message them to let them know (to which I got no reply) and I also messaged them once my post had gone up.  I didn’t receive another message from them until about 2 weeks later when I was asked if I’d like to work with them again, I asked whether I would be getting a larger discount as stated in the email and received no reply.

The email also stated this: ‘we offer a complete social media package, this includes promotion on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and also a feature on our ‘BLOGS’ page’. I would just like to point out, none of this happened for me but I have seen them posting about other bloggers features so maybe they just didn’t like mine? Who knows!

When I talked to other bloggers about this brand I certainly wasn’t expecting the number of replies I had back- a lot of other bloggers saying they could get very pushy, rude and simply unprofessional. Another fun fact about this company- they don’t offer sizes over 14!

Like I said earlier, this is not the only brand to do this by any means.  Basically, what they are ‘offering’ you is completely free advertising for their products, in fact, they probably make a profit from the item you have brought so you’re paying them to talk about a product?

I think they know to target new bloggers who will perhaps not have the experience to realise what a shitty offer it is, just like I did.

I’ve written this post, not to slate the company, but to highlight to new bloggers this way of ‘working with bloggers’.  It is not worth it unless you are a fan of the company, or perhaps they provide you with affiliate links/discount codes to give you a chance to earn some money.  You and your blog are worth more than that!!

Steph Louise x