Secret Discoveries #2 The Best Drugstore Highlighter?! ft. Speedy Highlighter by Collection

Second post of my ‘Secret Discoveries’ series is featuring a type of beauty product you won’t see much on my blog- a highlighter.  The Speedy Highlighter from Collection to be a bit more precise.  Me and highlighters normally don’t get on- I really struggle to find ones that work for me so don’t normally buy them but when I saw this from Collection for the grand total of £3.99, and after swatching it I had to pick it up.

collection speedy hightlighter 2collection speedy highlighter 3collection speedy highlighter

This gorgeous (cheap af) highlighter is awesome!  The pigmentation is lovely, it’s so creamy, blends out brilliantly and it’s only £3.99!!  I believe they only do one shade at the moment (this is in the shade Pearl Sheen) but I’m definitely going to be picking up more of these if they come out.

Give these a try- you won’t regret it!