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This ‘peel off make up’ trend has been circulating Instagram and Twitter recently so I decided to pick up some of my own to see what all the fuss is about.  I picked up the Romantic Bear Long Lasting Lip Colours from AliExpress and they were something like £4 for all 5 shades.  You can also find them on Ebay here.

First thing I noticed when I swatched them was the thickness- these are super thick and sticky and combined with the lip gloss applicator, it makes them quite difficult to apply to the lips.

I was quite surprised to find they all smelt differently- they have names like Watermelon and Sweet Orange so as you can imagine they smell pretty amazing.



They didn’t take too long to dry, 5-10 minutes and the thicker the coat, the longer it’s going to take to dry.  I thought once dry it would simply peel away in one go but, as you can see from the above picture, it isn’t quite that quick.  If you’ve ever had a peel off face mask and tried to peel it off in one go- you’ll know what I mean.  I found I had to give the product a quick rub to get all the product off completely.


This was what I was left with after everything was all peeled off.  The finished effect is basically a matte stain, I imagine the lasting power on this would be immense because these swatches took a whole two days to completely come off.

For the price, I think these are a really good buy.  They are difficult, and quite messy to apply but the finished affect is nice and has brill lasting power.  I imagine these would be great for a whole day out where you know you’ll be too busy to keep applying lip colour, or a day at the pool because I imagine these would be waterproof.

Have you tried these? What did you think?

Steph Louise x

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