Orange is the New Black Season 6 Review

Orange is the New Black Season 6 Review

Season 6 of Orange is the New Black was finally released 8am on Friday 27th July and after a quick recap on Season 5, I was more than ready for a 2-day binge.  And binge I did.


Favourite New Character

With our main characters being shipped off to Litchfield Max following the riot, we were introduced to quite a few new faces.  For me, the most interesting pair were the Denning sisters.  Carol and Barbara Denning have been placed in separate blocks due to a long history of fighting.  Their hate for each other fuels wars between C and D block which is basically what this season is all about.

Within Orange is the New Black I have always found the characters with the worst crimes to be the most interesting to watch and because of the change to Litchfield Max, a lot of the new characters are serving long sentences for more serious crimes which make for interesting storylines. I mean, Piper’s first cellmate is nicknamed ‘the baby killer’…although we never find out exactly what went down there.

I also really liked ‘Daddy’, although she was meant to be one of those tough and respected characters, I loved how her softer side was shown.  ‘Badison’ was one of my least favourites in this season,  I just thought she was a bit tiresome and she seemed to get more boring each episode.

Favourite Recurring Character

I mean, my favourite regular character is ultimately always going to be Alex… but Uzo Aduba, once again, played Suzanne incredibly.  Suzanne had been off her meds for a while now due to the riot so she starts getting hallucinations (one, in particular, was pretty hilarious, Cha Cha Slide anyone?).  She ends up getting put back on her meds and is placed in B Block with Frieda and Pensatucky.

I’ve also got to admit; I started really liking Fig in this season.  After she and Caputo end up getting together you start to see her softer side and they made a pretty cute couple.

Character Most Missed

Some of the recurring cast didn’t make an appearance this season as they’re sent off to different prisons.  Maritza, Big Boo, Soso, Yoga Jones, Angie and Leanne have seemingly been shipped off elsewhere as none of them are seen this season.

I don’t think not having any of these characters ruined this season for me but I did quite miss Big Boo.  She’s probably one of the funniest characters and I’d quite like to have seen how she would have coped in the max facility.

Favourite Storyline

I really liked the Frieda/Denning sisters story this season.  It was badass, exciting and it was interesting to get to know Frieda more.

Taystee was a huge part of season 5 and this continues into season 6. She ends up being framed for the murder of Piscatella and, I won’t ruin completely ruin it for anyone who hasn’t finished the season yet but, get the tissues ready.


Overall I really enjoyed watching the season.  I mean I must have somewhat enjoyed it to finish the whole season in 2 days… this season focused on some powerful topics; female empowerment and the black lives matter movement.

I do wish there had been more flashbacks, especially with so many new characters. There were so many questions were unanswered why did Beth kill her kids?  How did Carol and Barb get caught?  Was Badison imprisoned because she accidentally set someone on fire or were there more incidents after that?

I’m also pretty gutted the Denning sisters died because I’d have loved them to carry on into season 7.

What did you think of this season?  Does it deserve the bad press?