October Glossybox 2016


My monthly Glossbox delivery is often the highlight of my day- a little box full of surprise beauty bits? Hell yeah.  Boxes can be a little hit and miss in terms of products but for only £13 a month (including P&P) I can’t see myself canceling my subscription anytime soon, I love having the chance to discover new brands and this is the perfect way without breaking the bank.

This month Glossybox teamed up with Estee Lalonde and we actually received 6 products instead of the normal 5 and here’s what I received;

glossybox october 2016

Rituals Magic Touch Body Cream // Sample Size

I think I’ve said before that I’m not keen on body lotions in my beauty boxes, this is more of a personal preference thing than anything else, I just don’t tend to use them so I wasn’t super excited for this and will probably end up giving it away.

glossybox october 2016

Bee Good Honey and Camelina Facial Exfoliator // Sample Size

This brand has been featured quite a few times in Glossybox and I’ve never been disappointed with any of their products, so I’m definitely up for giving this a go, this is a perfect ‘winter’ skin care product as it promises to calm, soothe and moisturize dry skin.  My skin has really been playing up recently so I’m excited to give this a go, although it’s a miniature I definitely think you get enough product to get a really good idea of it works for your skin.

glossybox october 2016glossybox october 2016Secret Flush Cream Blush and Lipstain Duo // Full-Size

I’m always excited to see a full-size makeup product in my box and this was no exception, a pretty coral pink cream blush/lip duo.  It wasn’t the most amazing blush I have ever used but it feels relatively creamy and blends easily so I’ll definitely be using this.

glossybox october 2016 glossybox october 2016

PS PRO Longwear Lip Liner // Full-Size

I saw quite a few people complaining about this being in the box due to it being such a cheap product, but as Glossybox pointed out, this was actually an additional treat in the box this month so I’m not complaining.

 I wore this for the first time today and I’m actually super impressed, it lasted a really long time on my lips and faded without going patchy.

glossybox october 2016glossybox october 2016

Trifle Cosmetics Lipstick // Full Size

I think you either love or hate the packaging of this lipstick, I’m not very keen on it myself as I think it looks a little cheap as it’s made from cardboard but the design is cute.  As for the product itself, I don’t think the shade I received helped, but the colour is super patchy when on the lips and I just hate the way it sits- not a fan!

glossybox october 2016

Mystery Shampoo // Sample Size

This was a bit different for Glossybox as they actually included a mystery product this month, there was no information on this bottle to give us any clue as to which brand this was so we were left guessing!  About a week ago Estee revealed the mystery brand on her blog to be Head and Shoulders, I’m actually glad I haven’t used this because I have colour in my hair and Head and Shoulders has a tendency to strip your hair of any pigment, so personally this wasn’t for me but again- personal preference.

So this was the October Glossybox!  This post would have been up a lot earlier if I hadn’t discovered Gilmore Girls so soz about that, what did you think of this months box?

steph louise x