November Glossybox 2016

November Glossybox 2016


It doesn’t seem too long ago that my little pink box arrived in October but here we are in November and I have another pink box on my doorstep.

This month Glossybox seemed to really step up their game; we received 5 full-size products and there are some products I’m actually really excited to try.glossybox-november-2016-4

Wilkinsons Sword 3x Razors // Full Size

I’m quite picky when it comes to my razors, I tend to use men’s razors due to them (generally) being cheaper and better, but these razors actually have four blades, which I find, tends to give a closer and  smoother shave

We actually get three razors in this pack, which I think is pretty amazing for a beauty box- they’re definitely something I can get use out of, who doesn’t need disposable razors?

Kiss Look So Natural Lashes

Another pretty impressive product, a pair of fake eyelashes with adhesive!  I’ve never heard of this brand so I’m not sure how they are in terms of quality but they look like a super pretty, wearable pair of lashes so I’m excited to give them ago.

 111 Skin Bio Cellulose Face Mask

This facemask is priced at an eye-watering £20 so I’m actually kinda hoping I don’t fall in love with it!  Regardless of the hefty price tag, I’m really excited to give this brand a go; the brand was founded by a plastic surgeon who used space research (yup) to create these high-tech skincare products.


Dr. Bruyere’s Jumbo Eye Pencil

Dr. Bruyere’s was featured in a box during the summer, so if you’ve been subscribed a while you may remember trying out this brand in form of an aftersun lotion.

I love a good eyeshadow stick, they’re so quick and easy to use so I was excited to see this in the box.  I tried this out for the first time today and I have to say, I’m not overly impressed, the colour payoff is fine and the shade is a gorgeous metallic khaki grey but unfortunately the longevity just wasn’t there- I’d had it on for about 30 minutes and the colour had pretty much disappeared.

Blending Brush from Ruby Professional

I have way too many brushes already but I can’t help but love receiving another in a beauty box.  This is a super soft, fluffy, blending brush from Ruby Professional; I’ve never heard of the brand before but the quality seems pretty good so I’m happy to add this to my (rapidly growing) collection of eye brushes.

The Verdict

Overall I was super happy with this months Glossybox, the last few months haven’t been brilliant for me but I think Glossybox have redeemed themselves in my eyes!

Check out Glossybox here.

steph louise x