Night time skin care routine // vanity and vodka.

Happy Sunday! Sure ya’ll are looking forward to Monday morning…

I thought I’d kick off with a night time skin care routine, I like to keep things super simple else honestly I’d be too lazy to bother.  I change around my products so much I may end up doing one of these every few months but for now these are some things I’m loving for my skin.

First thing I always do no matter what is to take my make-up off, I’ve gone through stages of using Micellar Water and different wipes but these have to be the best I’ve tried.  These are the Yes To Cucumbers Facial Wipes, which you’ve probably heard tonnes about already but they are awesome! They’re super soft on your skin, smell great and take off every trace of make-up.

But I don’t like putting any wipes near my eyes so instead I’ve started using the Take The Day Off by Clinique, which is an oil based make-up remover especially for your eyes and lips. It is super oily which is why it’s best not to be used on your face, but the oil is what breaks up for make-up so I’m not complaining.

yes to cucumber face wipes

take the day off

Next product is by Garnier and it’s there Dark Spot Corrector. I was a little bit apprehensive about using this product because I always thought Dark Spots were something elderly people got and just thought this wouldn’t suit my (very acne prone skin!) but it’s surprised me massively.  I decided to give it ago because I realised it could help get rid of some of my acne scarring and so far so good! Smells great, does a good job moisturising and working wonders on the acne scars. It’s also not super oily, it’s more rich and creamy in texture which I think is lovely.

garnier dark spot correctorDSCN2189


I have actually abandoned all types of acne cream and cleansers because honestly nothing worked.  I think maybe because I have sensitive skin, there were just too many chemicals in these types of creams so the only thing I know use is Savlon.  If you live in the UK, its more than likely this will be somewhere in your house as it’s a general antiseptic cream, mostly used for cuts and scraps on knees and elbows to help them heal.  But because it is so clean it works amazingly, and I mean amazingly on acne.  I wish I had a before/after shot of my acne now (virtually non!) and 6 months ago because the difference is immense.  You can get a tube of this stuff for a pound from all chemists, just give it a try!



The only thing to do now is apply some lip balm else I wake up with super dry lips and my current favourite are my EOS balms I picked up from the US.

EOS lipbalm


That’s all for my night time skin care routine- told you it was quick.

Please check back for more posts and thank you so much for reading!

Steph xo