New Favourite Face Mask! // vanityandvodka


While browsing through the Lush website this face mash ended up being delivered to my door (along with a few other things-oopsy).  This is the first Fresh Face Mask I’ve tried from Lush so wasn’t really sure what to expect, I decided to give the Oatfix Face Mask a go after it promised to ‘hydrate, exfoliate and treat’.


Firstly (and most importantly ofc) it smells amazing.  It smells so good, I can’t even describe how much I love this.  It contains oats, bananas, vanilla, almonds and illipe butter- so as you can image the beautifully sweet and delicious smell this has.  If this was a candle I’d buy it.


It’s a very thick paste which is a little difficult and messy to apply on the skin but you get the hand of it after a few goes.  It feels lovely and cool on the skin, and when washed off your skin is left feeling soft and hydrated.

I can’t get across how much I bloody love this mask, just go and give it a sniff if you’re in any doubt at all.  I will 100% be repurchasing this and I now realise how much more I need to shop at Lush!

Steph Louise x