My New Posting Schedule // vanityandvodka

I hope you’ve all had a brilliant Easter weekend and stuffed yourself absolutely full of chocolate and yummy foods (I went to bed with a huuuge food coma oopsy).

 I’m super excited April is nearly here because I’ve got so many awesome things happening and it’ll be a super busy month, which is half the reason I’m going to stop daily blogging.  I’ve got holidays, parties and (ofc most importantly) my birthday which will make daily blogging near impossible or just very difficult, I feel like my content will suffer and I’ll just be blogging because I’m blogging if that makes sense.

The second reason I’m going to stop daily blogging is so I can put time into other things.  I want to improve my photo editing and work on my YouTube channel a bit more.  I want to put 100% into every blog post and make every post perfect, which at the moment isn’t always the case as I feel like I can rush posts just to get them out on time.

Sooo instead of daily blogging I will put a new post out every other day. Hopefully this will give me more time to write posts, edit photos and promote my old posts.

I will also be working a little bit more on my YouTube channel,  I’m on and off it at the moment and only really publishing videos when I feel like I can’t a blog post.  I’ve got a few videos planned and maaay start vlogging again because I do love my vlogging, it’s just the editing that bloody kills me.

I’ll be posting a new post on Wednesday but in the mean time I’ve posted a new video over on my YouTube if you wanna go and check that out (link in the side bar and video down below).

Lots of love and thanks for reading!

Steph Louise x