May Favourites // Vanity and Vodka


 I’m super excited that summer is finally here in the UK, June to me is Summer, end of.

As always, I’m doing a monthly favourites, I love reading these so hope you enjoy mine!



Rimmel Moisture Renew Full Colour Lipstick in Vintage Rose– I picked this lipstick up on a whim after seeing the Rimmel stand in my local Superdrug.  The Moisture Renew lipsticks come in two different variations- the Sheer and Shine or the Full Colour.  The Sheer and Shine lipsticks are more of a tint, similar to the Revlon Lip Butters, where as the Full Colours have a bolder colour with a beautiful finish.  I love this colour, I think it’s so pretty and a perfect ‘everyday’ shade for me.

Make Up Revolution Cream Contour Palette– I’d heard quite a bit of good stuff about this cream contour kit so decided I might as well pick it up, for only £8 I wouldn’t have been too upset if I hated it.  I don’t normally get on too well with cream contouring but I love this kit.  The range of colours are perfect for me, they’re very creamy, easy to blend out and I’m actually super impressed, for the price it’s 100% worth picking up.  Make Up Revolution- you did it again gurl.

Gimme Brow from Benefit- I’m a little late to the party with this one, but I had my brows shaped recently and I fell in love with just popping on a gel.  I’d been using a few drugstore variations but decided to, finally, pick this up and I’m so so glad I did.  The applicator is 100x better than any I’ve tried from the drugstore, it’s just the perfect size and I love how natural my brows look with this.

L’Oreal Cushion Foundation- I know quite a few higher end brands came out with the cushion foundation a while ago but this was the first I’d heard of it so I was really intrigued and I happened to love it.  The application of this is super quick and easy, I like how you can build the coverage up to your liking and the actual foundation looks really nice and natural on the skin.


The Body Shop Vitamin E Face Mist- I looove my face mists. I have way too many but yet can’t stop buying them so last month I popped this into my basket and it’s been with me ever since.  I just love how fresh and cooling these are on my skin and this one has a really lovely, refreshing floral scent.

got2b Mind Blowing Styling Spray- I’m an incredibly lazy person so drying my hair is a huge effort in my opinion but this little spray makes it a little bit easier.  It helps with heat protection, de-tangling and conditioning and (supposedly) helps your hair dry quicker.  I’ve just loved giving my hair a quick spritz of this and not having to worry about putting on lots of different hair products (like I said- lazy).



Kindle Unlimited- I’ve been wanting to start reading more for a while but had a problem with storing books.  My local library never stocks newer books and I could never find a reading subscription that would have suited me. Until now. Hello to Kindle Unlimited.  This service is £10 a month (first month free) for as many e-books as you can read in a month.  Not every single title is available (Game of Thrones for example, cry) but there are tonnes and tonnes of books available.  You can use the app on any device such as Apple, Android, etc. and you can download up to ten books at a time which is pretty good and better value for money than something like Audible- where you can have only one book a month.  I’ve enjoyed reading more, and will 100% be continuing this subscription.

 Scarf- I picked up this silk type scalf from a charity shop in April, it was only £2 and I decided it would make a cute addition to my bag.  I’ve seen a couple of bags like this recently so I just threaded the scarf through my Michael Kors bag and I love the way it looks.  The scarf also kinda comes in useful for cleaning my glasses and phone screen lol.

So those are my May Favourites, let me know what you’ve been loving in the month of May!

Thanks for reading!

Steph Louise x