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I’m super excited the month of April is upon us because I’ve got so many exciting things happening and, of course, the start of April calls for my March Favourites!  I love doing these posts because they’re really quite random and gives me a chance to rave about anything and everything I’ve been loving.


I’m gonna start off with a clothing item,  I’ve mentioned before on my blog how I spend so much money on make up and veerry little of clothing, so it’s rare to see any clothing items in my favourites, just because I rarely get any new stuff!  But I did recently put in an order at Boohoo (which is kinda like the online Primark no?) and within m order I’d decided to try out some mom jeans and okay- let me just tell you how freaking lush these are.  I’ve always been a skinny jean kinda gal, I never really ventured out past skinny jeans so to get these was a small step but I freaking love them.  They’re so comfy, fit really well and just make an outfit look effortlessly good.  The only thing I would say is that my butt kinda disappears but otherwise they’re perfect.


I’ve got quite a few skincare bits this month that I’ve been loving, first one being a Fresh Face Mask from Lush- The Oatifix.  I’ve talked about this so much so I won’t go on about it but please do take a look at my review here.

lush oatifix face mask

Another Lush product I’ve been reaching for on a daily basis is the Celestial Moisturiser, this is made especially for sensitive skin and works a treat for me.  It’s beautifully creamy but still feels quite light on the skin and of course smells heavenly.  It has excellent reviews and I agree 100%, my skin on my cheeks can get very red and flaky but I find a lot of moisturisers tend to break me out or make me oily in other areas, this one has cleared up my dry skin and continues to work amazingly.  I will 100% be repurchasing this!

Although I love using the Celestial Moisturiser I tend to want something a little bit more refreshing for my morning skincare routine so have been reaching for the Garnier Moisture Match Dull Skin Hydrating Gel. The thing I love about this is the texture, it’s a gel formulation so it sinks into the skin very quickly and feels really light on the skin.  It really seems to wake my skin up in the morning and just feels lovely, it does have a slight perfumed fragrance which some people may dislike but for the price I think it’s a great moisturizer for the hotter months.

garnier moisture match dull skin lush celestial moisturiser

Now this is a bold statement, but I think I have found my all time favourite bath bomb- The Intergalactic from Lush.  This is so beautiful!  It’s basically a galaxy in your bath water, I can’t describe how gorgeous it is but have a look at the pictures, and I’m not sorry if you’ve just ordered 10x.

lush intergalactic bath bomb lush intergalactic bath bomb

A super quick mention to the little carrot bubble bars from Lush, I love having some kind of bubble bar around the house to pop in when I have a bath and these ones are just super cute and smell real good!

Make Up

First make up thing I’ve been reaching for a lot recently is this brush from Make Up Revolution, this is a angled contour brush and at first I wasn’t very keen on it because I felt it was too big and fluffy to contour with but after playing around with it a little bit I can’t stop using it! I like the effect it gives mixed with certain bronzers and contour powders, it blends product really well onto my skin so I don’t have to worry about any streaky brown lines and it’s very affordable so if you’re looking for a new contour brush, take a look at this one.

My skin has been on my side the past few months so I decided to pick up the Dream Fresh BB Cream from Maybelline on a search for a lighter base, I don’t really know why I’ve never picked this up because I think it was one of the first drugstore BB creams in store.  I really like this for simply evening out my skin tone and waking up my skin a little bit, I much prefer wearing a lighter base during the hotter months (not that we get many of those in the UK), so this has been my first choice for the past few weeks.

maybelline bb cream

As I’ve mentioned about 193x on my blog I’m a big fan of liquid lipsticks so when I saw someone raving about the MUA Luxe Velvet Lip Lacquers I decided to pick some up, I, of course, picked up a nude which I love, but the shade I’ve really been liking is ‘atomic’.  It’s something different for me, a pretty bright pink with a red undertone.  The formulation itself is brilliant for the price, it really does feel like velvet when dried on the lips- I do think there are better formulas on the market but for the price this one is worth a try.mua velvet lip lacquer

Since having my brows threaded I’ve been enjoying them taking so little time in the morning.  I used to use a powder and an angled brush for my brows everyday to shape and fill in my brows but now they’re a little more manageable I’ve been combing through the MUA Brow Define.  I haven’t tried a tonne of brow gels so haven’t got much to compare this product to but it has great lasting powder and is really easy to work with- plus I think it’s about £2 so again you can’t really go wrong.

MUA brow define gel

Last couple of products I’ve been loving are both another recent drugstore purchase from super inexpensive brands.  The first being another product from MUA, I was so excited to see this I had to pick it up- MUA have brought out a cream and powder highlighting/strobing set called Strobe & Glow.  The quality of this is insane, I will be doing a post on this very shortly so I’m not going to go in a tonne of detail but just go and swatch it- you will not leave the store without it.

The final product is a blush from Miss Sporty, I picked this up after buying the Instaglow Foundation (review here), this is in the shade 001 and is a really wearable dusty pink with gold shimmer.  The pigmentation isn’t crazy but it’s easy to work with and I’ve been reaching for it on a nearly daily basis.

miss sporty instaglow blush MUA strobe and glow

Those are my March Favourites, let me know what you’ve been loving this month- birthday=spending money on beauty products so..

Also sorry about the confusion with my new posting schedule- I will be posting every other day from now on.  I obviously got a little confused when scheduling my last post!

Thanks for reading,

Steph Louise x