Magaluf Travel Diaries

Magaluf Travel Diaries

Magaluf is one of those places that everyone thinks is just pure shots, sex, and sun but you’d be surprised!  I flew over to Magaluf with one of my friends and we spent a week in The Fergus Resort (review coming soon) as part of the Thomas Cook 18-35 club.

As part of the 18-35 club we had a lovely rep called Shannon who helped us with anything we needed, she also helped us organised nights out with the other 18-35 members, things like nights out and boat parties etc.  There was an option to buy a wristband which would have given us access to 5 different clubs and brought our tickets for all the events during the week (at least one each night).  Being the party animals we are we opted out of that and instead bought tickets to an event called Freshers, which admittedly did include some shots- but being with the reps made you feel really safe and looked after.

Saying all that, the majority of my holiday was spent on a sun lounger by the pool or at the beach sunbathing.  During the day the beach is full of families, nothing like what you see in the media!

I didn’t take a tonne of photos because I was too busy doing nothing(!), we were about 30 seconds walk from the beach and it took us about 5 minutes to walk into the centre of Magaluf.  Admittedly once you hit around 12am, it did seem more like the things you see on the TV and online but we had absolutely no problems.

The view from our room in The Fergus Resort, we were really lucky to get such a gorgeous view of the pool and sea (you can never get tired of looking out across that gorgeous blue sea).

IMG_4612 IMG_4613 IMG_4616 IMG_4617

We spent a day renting one of these sun loungers on the beach, they cost us 25 euros for two beds all day and I have to admit- they were worth every penny!  You can just rent the usual beds lined up on the beach (I imagine these would be a lot cheaper) or simply pop a towel down as many people did but these things were like beds- so comfy!

I will do a review on the Fergus Resort soon because it’s worth raving about! Have you been to Magaluf? Was it what you expected?

Steph Louise x