My MAC Lipstick Collection

My MAC Lipstick Collection

I remember buying my first ever MAC lipstick; I walked out that shop with my little paper bag as proud as punch.

I still love walking into a MAC store to have a little browse and I always tend to walk out with another matte lipstick.

I don’t have a huge collection and I’m well overdue another visit to the MAC store but here’s my little collection.

Left to right; Stone, Darkside and Rubywoo

I’ll start off with the few ‘non-nude’ shades I have.  The first shade I picked up out of these lippies would have been Darkside which is the purple shade in the middle.  I don’t wear it all that much as it washes me out (being the milk bottle I am). But it is nice to have a vampy shade in my collection for when the time calls.

I brought Stone after I saw someone wearing it on a night out and it looked so divine on this girl I went out and bought it the next day.  Now I’m not sure if it was the alcohol or whether this girl just owned it but Stone wasn’t quite what I remembered. It’s still cute but I don’t wear it too much.

Rubywoo is the classic red lippy from MAC so I was very chuffed when I managed to pick this up in Bicester Village at a discounted price.  It truly is the perfect red shade, I love wearing this with some simple eye makeup to jazz up my makeup.

Left to right; Whirl (matte), Honeylove (matte), Merh (matte), Velvet Teddy (matte), Burnt Spice (Liquid Lipstick) and Driftwood (Liptensity Lipstick)

Now, these may all look the same but I can reassure you these are all absolutely necessary and very different.  My most used lippie would be Velvet Teddy but I love all of them equally- picking a favourite would like be picking a favourite child.

The first four that are swatched above are all matte finishes, which I think would probably have to be my favourite MAC lipstick finish.  I do tend to get dry lips so I always pair a matte lipstick with a creamy lip balm.

The above two aren’t technically lipsticks but they’re lip products so I’m including them anyway.

When MAC brought out their Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolour’s I couldn’t wait to try them out. I actually have absolutely no idea where this gorgeous lippie has disappeared to which breaks my heart because I truly loved it. The above shade is ‘Burnt Spice’ which is a gorgeous ‘dirty pink’.

Aside from the matte lipsticks my absolute favourite MAC lip products are the Liptensity Lipsticks. It’s perfect for when you don’t want a very heavy lip product, it doesn’t have the lasting power a matte lipstick would have but I fell in love with the feeling of this on the lips. I picked up the shade ‘Driftwood’ and can’t wait to grab some more ASAP.

What’s your favourite lip product from MAC?