My Love

Maybe I should have written this yesterday on Valentine’s Day but I’m writing it today because the 15th is mine and Chris’s monthly anniversary.

I don’t wanna bore anyone with how we met and how we got together and all that buuut I do feel the need to celebrate our relationship sometimes.

Independence is an amazing thing, and something I feel everyone needs to master before any serious relationship but love is a pretty awesome thing.  Whether it be a boyfriend, family, friends, pets, whatever- sometimes it’s okay to shout about your relationship.  Which is what I’m going to do today.

So here’s the best things about being in a relationship (in my opinion);

1- Constantly having a message from them on your phone.

2- Having a bad day and coming home to them.

3- The fact they know exactly how to cheer you up.

4- There favourite aftershave/perfume/spray reminding you of them whenever you smell it.

5- Getting into bed with them after a really long day.

6- Cute selfies.

7- Being given extra confidence and support.

8- Spoiling and surprising them.

9- The excitement of the future.

10- Listening to them speak about their passions and hobbies.

11- Waking up to them in the morning.

12- The day trips and meals out experienced together.

13- Experiencing new things together.

14- When they’re next to you after you’ve had a bad dream in the night.

15- Being able to hold their hand in public and feel super proud they’re all yours.

16- Listening to their favourite music and watching their favourite films.

17- Talking about random crap until 2am.

18- Doing mundane things together like making breakfast or present shopping.

19- Having someone to talk to who understands everything.

20- The cuddles, the kisses, the back massages and the head rubs.

I could carry on but if I don’t limit myself to 20 I’ll probably be going on a while.

I find it very hard to believe I’ve been so blessed with an amazing relationship and I think that’s something to shout about.