A Letter to My 16 Year Old Self


Hey girrrrll,

The year of 2014 is gonna be a pretty big year for you, you’re gonna leave school and start an apprenticeship which will be the best thing you ever did, you’ll start your antidepressants and that’s okay and you’ll grow up alot.

You’ll start 2016 in a pretty shitty relationship and that’s gonna come to an end pretty soon.  Take it from me; concentrate on your GCSE’s, fuck him because he isn’t worth it.  Also that necklace he gives you for your birthday? It was only £4.99 and will turn your neck green (also you’ll lose it and feel really guilty).

Your GCSE’s results will be okay, not outstanding but you hardly revised so don’t be surprised.  You plan to go to college to study Health and Social and Law but things pan out differently.   You have your Mum to think for this, and you really will thank her.

In June 2014, 16 years old, you will start your apprenticeship at a GP surgery, you’re gonna meet some of your best friends and you are gonna learn so much.  Ignore the gossip and the backstabbing, carry on with your job and keep going- you’re gonna end up in a pretty good position.

Your relationship will end and you’ll be heartbroken but it’ll get so much better, your life will get so much better without him.

The end of the relationship, along with the huge changes going on in your life right now will be the ‘final straw’ and you’ll contemplate visiting the GP to talk about your low mood- do it.  You’ll thank yourself later.

Also- do not dye your hair orange.

Steph Louise x