Les Chocolats Liquid Lipstick First Impressions

Les Chocolats Liquid Lipstick First Impressions

While having a quick browse in Superdrug over the weekend I happened to notice these new liquid lipsticks from L’oreal, and you know ya girl can’t resist a good liquid lipstick…so I walked out with two shades.

I picked up two shades, Cacao Crush (top) and Candy Man (bottom).  They were £8.99 each so a pretty standard price for a drugstore liquid lip and they had a really nice selection of shades.  

Good Things

  • The smell.  As you can imagine with a name like ‘Les Chocolats’, these liquid lippies certainly have a chocolatey scent to them but it’s too not overpowering. 
  • The lasting power.  These lippies have an impressive staying power.  
  • The texture.  One of the biggest things for me is how liquid lipsticks feel when they’re on the lips;  I hate sticky or overly dry lipstick.  These felt really comfortable and smooth, not sticky and they didn’t dry my lips out so much it felt uncomfortable.  
  • Accurate colour.  One thing I’ve noticed with certain liquid lipsticks (*ahem* Colorpop), is the colour in the tube is very different to what dries when on the lips.  These liquid lipsticks don’t have this problem, what you see in the store is pretty much what will end up on your lips.

Not So Good Things

  • The only thing I could really pick up on is how they transfer.  They don’t dry down very quickly so if you apply this and have a drink for example, you’ll end up with a pretty lipstick stain on the side of the glass.  Once dry this isn’t a problem but something to bear in mind if you’re topping up while out and about perhaps.

Overall I really like these, they’re a good price and a nice liquid lippie.  The scent is what makes them stand out from other drugstore liquid lipsticks, otherwise, they’re probably quite similar to other products available in the drugstore at the moment. 

But for £8.99 they’re worth every penny and I wouldn’t be adverse to picking up a few more shades!