My Kawaii Box- April // vanityandvodka


So I finally took the plunge and brought my first ever Kawaii Box which is a subscription box full of stationary bits, accessories, candy and other bits, all kawaii themed.

The box is $19.80 which is about £13-£14, they also ship free worldwide which is awesome as you don’t have to think about adding on shipping costs.

Here’s everything I got in my box!



A little squishy charm– I don’t collect these but I still think they’re pretty cute.


Hair ties and clips– the only thing in the box I didn’t really like, they just weren’t my style so I’ll probably give these away to a younger cousin or something.


Bear coin purse– I think this is so cute, I loved this, I’m probably going to put this in my car and use it to collect change for car parks.


Pack of stickers– I always like stickers, and the best thing about this pack? GLOW IN THE DARK.


Deco tape set– I got way to overexcited about this, I love deco tape and washi tape so this was happily received.


Envelope set and pen– I can’t remember the name of the little character on top of this pen but its kinda cute and I love the set of envelopes.


Stick on gems– I’ve actually already got a few packs of these (because I’m 5 years old) and love sticking them on my phone, laptop or in my car so I was pretty happy with these.


3D Panda Sticker- just a cute ass panda sticker.


Set of ‘egg’ highlighters- this was probably my favourite thing in the box, they’re just so cute and so tiny. Aghhh.

I was super happy with this box, I pretty much liked every item in the box (apart from one) and I really wasn’t expecting that.  I will definitely be keeping up this subscription!

What did you think of the April Kawaii Box?

Steph Louise x