Non Beauty July Favourites


I must be the only blogger to say this but jeez, July took an age to come to an end.  I know it’s still Summer but I may be getting slightly excited for Autumn/Winter already..sorry.  Anyway, here are my non-beauty favourites for July 2016! Beauty favourites coming soon!

My Nose Piercing

Did I mention I got my nose pierced? Because I got my nose pierced and it was the best thing I ever did.  I’ve been wanting to get it done for sooo long now and finally took the plunge while I was on holiday and it was the best thing I have ever done. I did a post on my piercing so if you want anymore information check it out here but honestly? Just do it.

H20cean Piercing Spray

This goes along with my piercing so soz to anyone who doesn’t care, but this has been my new BFF when it comes to cleaning my piercing.  It’s such a faff to boil water, make salt water, let it cool down etc. so this purified salt water in a spray is amazing and super quick to use so I find myself more likely to clean my piercing.

Mineral Water Mists

At the beginning of July I was sunning myself in Mallorca and damn it was hot.  I found myself reaching for my facial mists every 2 minutes and they are just super refreshing.  My favourite is from La Roche-Posay, it’s basically water in a spray can but it’ll be your best friend when it’s 30 degrees outside.


I never really understood the big hype around Podcasts, that is until I actually bothered to listen to some.  I now struggle to fall asleep without either a podcast (or my bae in substitute), you can find a podcast on everything- my personal favourites being crime and conspiracy theories (post coming soon!).  I find them really relaxing to listen to and it just stops me lying and overthinking while I’m trying to sleep.

Tesco Books

I walked into Tesco the other day to pick up the new Harry Potter book and I was pretty shocked by their book selection.  I don’t know if this is a full-time thing or just an offer but currently they are doing an amazing offer where you can get two books for £7 (normally £7.99 each) on all of their books.  I ended up walking out with 5 new books (including the new Harry Potter book – which was priced at £9) and felt super happy with myself.

The Sims

I may have downloaded The Sims on Stream this month and may be totally obsessed with it.  You can get a free version on your phone but it’s not as good as the PC version, I use G2a to buy the game keys as they’re cheaper than buying from Steam itself.  I dunno what it is about having a tiny computer person to look after but I’m pretty fond.