January Favourites 2017

January Favourites 2017

I wasn’t really planning on doing a favourites post for this month because I haven’t got a tonne of favourites, especially beauty favourites, but I haven’t done once of these in a while and I do love a good rambly favourites post so here we are!


I’ve never really watched Sherlock previously to this, but, with all the hype over the latest season I thought I’d give it ago and oh my god, I’ve fallen in love.  I love a show with a good storyline and this show does that perfectly, it always leaves you thinking and wanting more.  The characters and their story lines have been portrayed brilliantly and you can’t help but have a soft spot for Sherlock himself.

Bob’s Burgers

I’ve never been into watching cartoons all that much (that includes the Simpsons, soz!) but 99% of the TV shows Chris watches are cartoons so, naturally, he introduced me to Bob’s Burgers and we’ve pretty much been binge watching the entire 7 seasons (currently on season 2) everytime we’re together.  It’s hilarious and I could happily watch episode after episode, so if, like me, you weren’t a cartoon person; give this ago.


I’d never paid much attention to Pandora in the past but since recently looking at their jewellery and receiving a beautiful ring for Christmas from Chris, I’ve been browsing their store online and can’t wait to invest in some charms for my new bracelet, I’ve seen people use their bracelets as a kind of ‘scrapbook’ to record life events and I love that idea so I currently have a wish-list as long as my arm!

14,000 Things to Be Happy About Desk Calendar

My Mum got me this for Christmas and I’ve been loving using it each day, I own a few of the books which can really lift your mood when you feel a bit crappy so having this calendar on my desk every day helps brighten my day every morning.

Paco Rabanne Olympea Perfume

My friend at work loves this perfume and wears it almost every day so after a few weeks of sniffing this 24/7 I couldn’t resist picking a bottle up for myself.  The small bottle cost me only £30 and this is fastly becoming my everyday perfume, I’m terrible at describing scents so I won’t bother you with my ramblings but online it’s often referred to as quite an ‘oriental’ perfume with notes of mandarin and ginger flower.  It’s a perfect everyday scent, it’s not too ‘strong’ but will easily last on your skin a 8+ hour day.

Shay and Blue Atropa Belladonna Perfume

Another perfume, this is quite unusual for me as I’m really not someone to splurge on perfumes but I actually received a sample of this in one on my advent calendars and this is now a staple in my handbag.  Again, I’m not going to try and describe the scent but the website states the notes contain dark berries, white flowers and bourbon vanilla.  It’s another perfect ‘everyday scent’, not too strong or overpowering but certainly a beautiful, noticable scent.

Holiday Planning

We’ve got two holidays booked in the next few months, including mine and Chris’s first holiday out of the country together.  We’re due to go to Brighton at the beginning of March and then Amsterdam in April and we’re both so excited, I can’t stop browsing Pinterest for places to eat and visit and I’m just so excited to get away for a bit.

I’ve always wanted to visit Brighton, I’m curious to see whether it lives up to my quite high expectations, it’s featured a lot with bloggers/vloggers and I’m intrigued to see what it really has to offer.

Amsterdam will be Chris’s first time out of the country so naturally, he got to pick the place we visited first and he chose Amsterdam, it’s a city that’s always been on my list and we’ve already compiled a list of things to do while were there so we’re excited for that.

Okay so those were my favourites for January, quite a mixed-match bunch but, like I said earlier, things I’ve truly enjoyed throughout the month.

Let me know some or your favourites or please do chat to me about that Sherlock finale- intense or what?!