What I Got For Christmas 2016

Long time no blog! I hope you all had a wonderful festive period, I’ve taken the time to relax and do my own thing and I’m looking forward to 2017!

This post is a little later than I would have hoped due to me eating all the chocolate, having all the naps and shopping all the sales but here it is!

I was totally spoiled this Christmas but that’s just how my family do Christmas and I freaking love it.  A huge thank you to anyone who went out and brought me a gift this year, I appreciate everything gifted to me and hope you enjoy seeing some of my lovely gifts.

You know you’re an adult when receiving socks excites you…I received a few pairs of fluffy socks in my stocking and I couldn’t be more chuffed!

This beautifully packaged Soap and Glory makeup kit was gifted to me by my parents and I’m so excited to start using these products, I’ve already tried a few things in this box and loved everything so I can’t wait to start using these bits.

I’ve been trying more and more from the Zoella beauty range so I was excited to see this in my stocking, the little bag will be perfect for toiletries when travelling as it’s totally waterproof and I can’t wait to give these goodies ago (they smell fab!).

I love me some coffee and this year received a gorgeous Starbucks gift set along with a coffee syrup set- can we just talk about how cute that Starbucks mug is though?

My Mum and Nan got me a Beautiology set each, luckily they picked up different sets with scents including Gingerbread, Strawberry Candy Cane and White Chocolate.

I (of course) needed a new sippy cup so my parents picked up this super cute bottle for me.

My Mum picked me up this amazing Real Techniques gift set from Boots and I can’t wait to take this with me when I go on holiday later this year.  The brushes are awesome, like always, and the set includes the brush cleansing gel which I’m excited to try, but it’s the bag I love the most- it’s perfect for traveling because it’s an awesome size and has this little section for storing brushes to stop them getting ruined which is awesome so I love this!

I was gifted two new perfumes this year, one from Britney Spears (whose perfumes I love) and another Vera Wang Princess scent, this one is Princess Power, which I think completes my little collection of the Princess scent range!

Bit of a blogger gift but I was so excited to receive this.  Currently, I use huge box lights for my lighting (which take up 1/2 my room) so my Dad picked out this right light that’s made especially for macro work so I can#t wait to get using this!

Another gorgeous gift from one of my friends included this Liz Earle Botanist Cabinet which included a full-size Hot Cloth Cleanser and some miniature skincare goodies.

Chris brought me my first Pandora ring and it’s the beautiful ‘Hearts Tiara’ ring in silver, I haven’t taken this off since I’ve recieved it because I absolutley adore it.

I’m always happy to receive some Lush goodies and this year I received two gift sets, Cosmic which contains my favourite bath bomb of all time (Intergalactic) and The Night Before Christmas.

Along with my ring Chris got me a few stocking fillers which included these miniture Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks (!!!), Minnie Mouse pants from ASOS and a pretty coffee mug.

Soap and Glory gift sets are a must at Christmas, along with these two my Mum picked me up ‘The Whole Glam Lot’ suitcase from Boots which is incredible, safe to say I’ll be smelling pretty good for the next few months!

I received some of these gorgeous smelling Jack Wills body mists from my friend, Hope Cove is probably my favourite- it’s gorgeous.

You can’t do Christmas without Chocolate and I got a tonne this year,

Another ‘blogger’ gift but one that I’ve had my eye on for a little while, I’ve seen the GorillaPod in being used by quite a few of my favourite bloggers/YouTubers and I think the concept is brilliant so I can’t wait to give it ago.

I received two books this year, one being Grace Helbig’s book and the other being one I’d popped on my wishlist; 14,000 things to be happy about.  I’ve flicked through both of these and they’re both fab books I’m happy to have in my collection.

To go along with the book my Mum picked me up the desk calendar which I absolutely love, each day it gives you a little list of things to smile about and it’s fab.

love hand sanitizer, if I lived in the US near a Bath and Body works my bank account would be in minus figures so I was excited to receive this little wintery scented sanitisers in my stocking.

A few beauty bits I received included some EOS Lipbalms, Milani Eyeshadow, Yes To Tomatoes Face Wipes, Fudge Purple Shampoo, some Oval Brushes and a few other goodies.

Along with some colouring pencils, I received a colouring book from my Nan which I’ve been happily scribbling away in and (of course) a little selection of Yankee Candle votives.

One of my most used gifts this year has to be the Amazon Fire Stick, I’ve used this pretty much every day and I love it.  I’ve got Kodi installed which enables me to watch loads of TV shows and movies super easily.

Apologies for the rather long post but I hope you enjoyed!