Good Things This Week

Good Things This Week

Working out

It’s been quite a while since I’ve been to the gym and actually enjoyed it.  A few years ago I would go to the gym everyday and I loved the time I had to myself, I loved how I felt and I loved how my body looked.

I fell off the bandwagon for a few weeks due to a holiday abroad and just never got back into it.  I’ve joined multiple gyms and only ever ended up going a couple times because I simply wasn’t enjoying it.

I decided to give it another go this week, I joined back up at my local gym and I’ve made an effort to actually attend some classes which I’ve really enjoyed.  If I’m working out in the gym I make sure to download a podcast to keep me from getting bored.  I’ve been doing some research into weight training and routines as well as booking some more classes for next week.  Fingers crossed I keep it up!

Sons of Anarchy

Since Love Island has finished and we finished the new OITNB season within 2 days, we were on the lookout for a new binge-worthy TV show.  Turns out Sons of Anarchy is the one.

I didn’t think I’d get into it after watching the first episode but we’re now two seasons in and I love it.  

Even if it doesn’t seem your thing, give it ago- you’ll be surprised!

Biscoff Mug Cake

I ended up craving something sweet one evening earlier in the week and while browsing Pinterest for recipes, I came across this mug cake recipe which uses just 4 ingredients, takes 5 minutes to make, is completely vegan and tastes really good.

Our new house

This week we paid off the total costs for our new house.  We move in later this month and I can’t wait!  IKEA trip here we come!

What good things have you discovered this week?