Good Things Sunday

If anyone actually still reads this thing (Google analytics say you do so I’m clinging onto that hope), you may notice I’ve been slightly AWOL.

With starting university full-time and juggling my job I have struggled to find the time to sit and write a blog post.  Let alone take any actual photos.  I will be writing a post soon about my first few months at uni but for now, I want to take five minutes to focus on some good things.

With my time being quite stretched I tend to find myself stressed pretty much 24/7 which isn’t great for a. motivation and b. my mental health.  But today has been a good day and I wanted to focus on why so here are some good things about today.

 We spent the morning playing with toys and colouring in.

Martin’s little man celebrated his 3rd birthday this week which meant this weekend was full of playing with little firetrucks (courtesy of the birthday fairy of course) and drawing Christmas trees.

We tried our first Hello Fresh Box

I’d always been slightly sceptical at the idea of Hello Fresh but equally had always wanted to try one.  We ordered one last week and it got delivered today so we tried out our first recipe tonight and I have to say; I’m pretty shook.  It was super fun to cook the meal together, it was really easy to do and the end result was delish.  We have two more recipes to try out this week so I’ll keep ya’ll updated on my Instagram stories but Hello Fresh have surprised me.

Giving Coco a walk

When it starts to get colder outside I can often find being in the house quite stuffy and even slightly claustrophobic so getting outside for a walk in the fresh air can be a God send.  I took Coco for a quick stroll along the canal early this morning and it just felt pretty ace to be out in the fresh air.  I’m pretty sure this walk is what set me up for the good day I’ve had.

I finally found some motivation

Uni work, blogging and just generally doing anything that involved moving too much was a bit of a no-no from me the past few weeks, however, today all my motivation just seemed to resurface.  I made good progress on an essay, finally cleared my office and I’m sat writing a blog post.  Can I get a pat on the back please?

Sometimes when you feel stressed and unmotivated it can be heard to focus on the good things but it’s really kind of important to do so.

What good things can you be grateful for today?