February Favourites!

It’s always around March time that I start getting excited for summer.  And I’m really not a summer girl- autumn and winter is my thing.  I love the colours, smells and just the feeling of autumn time but there are only so many frosty cars and inside out umbrellas I can take- I’m so down for summer now.  February, to me, marks the end of winter.  March is always a bit more positive- with the weather and cute pastel colours and easter, what’s not to like?

The end of a month also means it’s time for a monthly favourites post so let’s crack on with it shall we.

Beauty bits

My skin is most definitely starting to show the strains of winter and has been very dry which I’ve noticed more and more when applying foundations etc. I’ve tried quite a few different moisturisers but the one I’ve really been liking (aside from my normal simple moisturiser) is the Coast to Coast Mist for dehydrated skin.  I picked this up from TKmaxx, just before my holiday to Florida because I wanted something to take on the plane with me and help with that air-con-skin you get after coming of a long flight.

But I’ve been using it recently as a little pick me up throughout the day when I’m just chilling at home; I can pop it on without it feeling really heavy and greasy.  It feels really refreshing and honestly I don’t know how much this is doing to my skin but it feels super nice and I love using it.

rimmel wake me up

I’ve been really loving this foundation by Rimmel.  I’ve heard a lot of beauty bloggers and youtubers talk about this one so decided to give it a little go and it defiantly lives up to its hype.  My skins been quite dry and some of my usual foundations don’t sit right on it but this ones awesome for drier skin.  It’s very light on my skin, gives good coverage and a lovely glow to make me look like I’ve had a great nights sleep (lol).

mua whipped velvet

MUA has been a favourite brand of mine for a while now and I’ve mentioned numerous times how much I love my liquid lipsticks so picked up a Whipped Velvet lip crème which dries matte on the lips and for the price I really can’t complain.  I’ve had better but this is perfect for everyday and the low price tag helps too.

simple mosturiser

Like I said- skin=dry.  So I’ve opted for a richer moisturiser.  This Simple one is perfect for my sensitive skin (as are all Simple products), has a low price tag and really seems to help with my dry patches without making  the rest of my skin oily.  It’s quite rich and thick so I tend to pop it on before bed to really let it sink into my skin.

soap and glory hand food sugar crush

My hands are also a thing that have suffered in the cold weather- particularly the skin around my nails so I’ve been making an effort to use a hand cream.  This one from Soap and Glory smells amaaazzing- if you love sweet, fresh scents this is one for you.  It doesn’t linger around on my hands, sinks it really quickly and my hands feel super soft after.

feel good luck better brush

I picked up this brush from TKmaxx from the brand Look Good Feel Better, who support women with cancer and give make up lessons to teens and adults with cancer. A portion of money made from the brushes go towards that which I thought was pretty cool but not only that- it’s an awesome brush.  I believe this is the angled blending brush (I’ve thrown away the packaging so can’t be 100%).  It’s soft and perfect for blending a transition colour- really reasonably priced too!


Last beauty favourite I want to mention are these Make Up Revolution Highlighters.  These are the bomb.  I’ve explained, in previous posts, how highlighters never seem to work for me but wow these are awesome.  They’re

Lifestyle bits

I have always had horrific brows.  I’ve always hated them and half of my makeup routine every morning was spent filling them in but recently I’ve had them threaded- I know, I actually sat there and had them threaded! Since then they’ve looked so good and all I need to do for an everyday look is run some brow gel through them.  I’ve been loving the Rimmel Brow This Way gel and it gives a super natural look and takes half the time to do.

I’ve been a premium Spotify user for quite a few years now but after an attempt to save some money I decided to axe my premium membership and download the songs I’ve been enjoying onto my phone myself.  But guuuuys this was so much effort.  I never updated any of my playlists because it took so long and I think I had the grand total of 11 songs.  I needed my Spotify back and since having it back I’ve realised how much I bloody love it.

You know those little plastic tumblr cups with the straws?  Those are a god send.  I spill a lot of stuff- and with these it’s kinda difficult to do so.  Plus they look all pretty and I can’t stop buying them.

I hate clothes shopping, like honestly I love shopping but when I shop for clothes I get frustrated because my size is constantly changing, clothes get more and more expensive and stuff just doesn’t look right on me.  My go to store is Primark- if you ask me where I got the jeans or t-shirt I was wearing I’d probably say Primark.  But during a little shopping trip recently I popped into Matalan and I was so impressed!  They had a sale on (which helped) but I love some of the stuff they have in there and it’s very affordable and really good quality.  I’ll definitely be popping in there more often!