Favourite Podcasts

I was quite late to the party with podcasts, I only really started listening to them in the past 6 months but now I’d say I’m pretty hooked.  If and have no idea what a podcast is (hi dad), it’s kind of like a radio show except they’re prerecorded, like TV shows.  You can find a podcast about absolutely anything, there are so many on the market right now I’ll doubt you’ll struggle to find one you enjoy.

I use an app called ‘Podcast Addict’ which allows me to listen, save and download my podcasts.  It also has a sleep timer feature which allows me to listen to a podcast before I go to bed and it’ll switch off automatically after a set time.

Okay so on to my favourites!


If you love long, rambly podcasts you may very well like this one, personally conspiracy theories can fascinate me so I can happily listen to these guys for ages.  Once fortnightly a new conspiracy theory is discussed, my favourites episodes so far are the Madeline McCann and the September 11th episodes . Like I said, they are mostly very long and rambly episodes, ranging from 1-5 hours long.  Obviously the topics they talk about can be quite sensitive and you may not agree with everything they say but I like the way they handle the topics, plus they’re hilarious. More recently they have been bringing out ‘True Crime’ episodes such as the Amanda Knox case which make really good listening.


Very similar to Those Conspiracy Guys in the content with conspiracy theories with some political and super natural bits thrown in.  These episodes are typically shorter, 1-2 hours long normally so these episodes can be easier listening.


The name says it all really, this is a true crime podcast but with a bit of a twist. Instead of always focusing on mass murders and grisly stuff it delves into some different crime aspects such as how women went about abortion when it was illegal, why people are so addicted to true crime and I remember one episode which focused on a Buddha statue getting vandalised. Criminal covers so many topics it’s hard to describe but it’s worth a listen.


This one is slightly different to my usual podcasts but I love this podcast.  If you’re from the UK you’ll be familiar with those trashy magazines with headlines such as ‘I MARRIED MY BROTHER’ or ‘MY PSYCHIC DOG HAS HEALING POWERS’ (that one was a legit article once).  In this podcast, two (very funny) ladies take their favourite articles and share them with us.  I’m actually (embarrassingly) a huge fan of those magazines anyway so this podcast was right up my street, the ladies who do this are so funny and pick some hilarious articles.

Generation Why

No shocker here when I saw Generation Why is another true crime podcast… Generation Why focuses on a lot of interesting stories that I’d never even heard of as well as some really famous cases such as the Co-Ed Killer and the Yorkshire Ripper. Episodes tend to be around an hour long and make for really interesting listens.

Are there any amazing podcasts I’m missing out on? Let me know your favourites!