Does the microwave beauty blender hack actually work?

Does the microwave beauty blender hack actually work?

I want to start off this blog post by asking you not to judge me. I am well aware I need a new beauty blender but the thought of spending £18 on a sponge makes me feel a bit queasy. On a serious note if anyone knows of a cheaper alternative then please hit me up.

The two sponges I use on a near daily basis are the Original Beauty Blender and the Real Techniques Face and Body Sponge (the huuuuge one).

I try to clean them as often as I can but quite honestly nothing I ever seem to do actually works so I’ve been wanting to try this little trick for a while now.

You pop a bit of Fairy Liquid into a glass, fill it half full with water and then pop your beauty sponge inside. Then you put the glass into the microwave for 60 seconds. Apparently that 60 seconds = a sparkling clean sponge. But does it work?


I repeated the step 3x on each sponge and considering the age and abuse these sponges suffer on a daily basis, I was pretty impressed. Neither of them came out of the microwave exactly new looking but they’re certainly a lot cleaner than I’ve ever managed to get them with specially made beauty sponge cleanser.

(excuse the rip in my Real Techniques sponge- my acrylic nail attacked it one day while I was attempting to clean it)

It certainly wasn’t the miracle hack I expected after seeing the photos online but I’m still pretty impressed. It worked especially well on the actual Beauty Blender.

Although with both of them still looking pretty grim, I think I’m on the hunt for a new sponge. I’m not sure I can part with my Original Beauty Blender however I am toying with the idea of ordering a few alternatives so if you’ve found an alternative to the beauty blender then let me know (although not the original Real Tecnhiques sponge- it’s not bouncy enough for me).