Christmas wishlist.

I’ve been told November is too early for anything Christmas but pft.

My parents, grandparents and boyfriend have pretty much zero idea when it comes to make-up, skin care etc. so while they get me all my other amazing presents it’s up to me and the sales to pick up my make up bits for my fix.

I thought I’d write a little list of the things I’m thinking about picking up after Christmas!

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I saw this gorgeous Two Faced set in a blog post today and I very nearly died.  Its the Two Faced Le Grand Château and is basically a set of three beautifully packaged two faced  palettes complete with bronzer and blush along with a deluxe sample of their Better Than Sex Mascara.  This is only a limited edition product so I may have to beg my Mum for this one as I have a feeling after Christmas it won’t be available

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MAC’s soft and gentle.  No I still haven’t got it and I have no idea why.

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I picked up a sample of Benefits Hoola Bronzer in one of their mini kits and honestly wasn’t expecting to be that amazed as I have no many cheaper bronzers that look similar but once this was on my face their was no turning back.  It’s amazing for contouring (even on my pale skin) and blends beautifully so although I’m a tad late to the bandwagon this is next in my list.

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Colour pop eye shadows.  Apparently a cheaper dupe to MAC shadows?  They’re quite difficult to get in the UK but I’ve heard so much about them I’ll find a way.  They are apprently meant to be very pigmented and creamy with a huge range of colours and they have a cheap price tag!

That’s all I can think of now but lets be honest I’ll probably think of 6 more things in the next couple hours so they’ll probably be a part two!

Thank you for reading!

Steph Louise x