10 Cheap Valentine’s Day Date Ideas!

valentines day date ideas

Love it or loathe it, Valentines Day is around the corner and I couldn’t resist putting together a couple of posts for the day- if you’re a single lady/don’t celebrate the day keep watch for my next post all about treating yourself!

  • Grab a disposable BBQ, marshmallows and some chocolate digestives and head over to a park/somewhere with a view.  Settle down with a picnic blanket somewhere, make some smores and chat!  Make sure to wrap up warm, don’t forget a lighter/some matches and double check disposable BBQ’s are permitted in that area.


  • Go thrifting (or as we say in the UK, charity shop shopping)! Pick a village/town that you know is well populated with charity shops and make it a challenge to visit every single one- you may find absolutely nothing but then again you may find a gem!


  • Groupon!  Discount sites like Groupon and Wowcher provide some really inexpensive deals for meals out, spa days and experience days that you could both enjoy.


  • Movie Marathon! Pick a movie franchise that neither of you has ever watched before, grab some snacks and snuggle down for the day.


  • Challenge each other to DIY Pinterest Valentines Gifts.  Gather your supplies, pick a DIY for the other person along with a time limit and get crafting!  The DIY most like the picture in the pin wins (I’ll let you decide the prize).


  • Have a day full of board and card games.  Find out all your old board games from under the bed and have an old fashioned board game night!


  • A fondue night.  Typing this is actually making me crave my own fondue night but gather some strawberries, marshmallows, chocolate and a fondue set (or check out how to make your own here) for a delicious, romantic night in (pair this with a movie for ultimate results).


  • Take a trip to the seaside.  Visiting the seaside doesn’t need to be mega expensive; save money by packing a picnic to eat instead of getting lunch out, use that change that’s been in the bottom of your purse for ages to visit the arcades, grab a $1 bucket and spade and spend your day building sandcastles and paddling in the sea (if you’re brave enough!).


  • Make some cocktails and get drunk!  Challenge each other to make the best ‘Valentines’ themed cocktail you can with items you already have in your house.  Think pink and red, strawberries and rose petals (take a look at Pinterest for some inspo!)


  • A bit of a typical ‘cheap date idea’ here but one of my personal favourites so I had to include it; build a den!  Build your den together with plenty of blankets, pillows and fairy lights and snuggle up with some snacks a movie or a card game.


If you do pick an idea of this list please let me know either in the comments on or Twitter (@vanityandvodka_).  Hope this helped any of you stuck for ideas!