Brighton Photo Diary

Brighton Photo Diary

After receiving a buy a gift voucher from my Grandparents at Christmas and spending countless hours scrolling through hotels online we decided to book a few days away to Brighton, I’ve always wanted to visit and this was the perfect opportunity to get a hotel in the centre without having to take out a mortgage.

We stayed in the Britannia Study Hotel, while the hotel itself was nothing special (think Premier Inn x Holiday Inn) the location was perfect.  We were about 3 minutes walk away from the main shopping centre and about 15 minutes away from the pier and the Laines so overall pretty perfect for us.

We stayed for two nights, our first day being spent travelling and being exhausted, the second day is where we attempted most things and our last day was (again) spent travelling and squeezing in a few bits we’d missed out the previous days.

I loved my time away and felt slightly like crying as we drove home, I wouldn’t hesitate in booking another trip to Brighton but my bank balance may disagree so until that time here are some photo’s I took while on the trip.

The Town



Chris is a super fussy eater so trying to find somewhere we can both eat happily can be quite difficult but we did manage to find a few lovely places worth mentioning, the first being Angel Food Bakery which is hidden within the Lanes and holds a variety of delicious cupcakes.  I tried the Banana and Peanut cupcake on the first day and couldn’t resist going back for more before we went home.

For lunch on the second day we stumbled across the Croque Shop where we scoffed some gorgeous sandwiches, Chris picked a club sandwich and I had a lovely sausage, cheese and onion toastie. Makes my mouth water thinking of these!


Brighton was amazing for a little retail therapy, the city had a mix of individual stores as well as bigger chain stores.  I dragged Chris along to Choccywoccydoodah and Snoopers Paradise (along with about 168 other shops), after seeing them featured on countless blogs/vlogs and they didn’t disappoint!

The Pier

So we may have both spent way too much money in the arcade on the pier but those grabbers and penny machines are impossible to resist!  I also couldn’t resist trying some of these delicious churros (obviously covered in Nutella), although I did get attacked by vicious pigeons while eating them.

This little trip was so lovely and Brighton is such a gorgeous city- I can’t wait to visit again!