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When I saw this post over on Miel and Mint (check out the post here) I knew I was going to have to try this with Chris.  Some of the answers really made me giggle and to be fair he had a good point..if I was asked the same kind of questions about cars, I would look just as stupid.

Please, define:

Bronzer: Sort of like bronzes your face, you get me?

Blusher: Makes your cheeks red.

Mascara: The eyelash shit.

Eyeliner: The thing you draw around your eyes and you do wings and shit.

Strobing: Strobing makes me think of a strobe light, which flashes…are you flashing people?

Eyeshadow: Coloured shit you put on your eyelid.

Powder: Stops stuff from smudging?

Foundation: Evens out your skin colour (I told him this 2 days previously..)

Concealer: Conceals stuff like spots.

Highlighter: The cheek stuff, it makes your cheekbones stand out, is it used in contour?

Setting spray: Stops makeup from smudging and running off maybe.

Contouring: Cheekbone standy outy thing.

Primer: Underlayer for your makeup.

Lip liner: Not quite lipstick, it goes round this bit of your lips (points to lips?)

Brow pencil: To fill in parts of your brow to make it thicker and shape them.

Serum: An oil, maybe?

Cleanser: Cleans your pores and other skin?..

Micellar Water: Water from the bottom of your house (I liked what he did here).

Toner: Tones your skin?

BB Cream: It’s cream you put on your face.

Was this test hard? Why yes/no? Yes. Because I’m a man.

Could you do my makeup the same way I do it every day? Yeah!
He answered the above question so enthusiastically that I’m holding him to that and soon there will be a ‘Boyfriend Does My Makeup Challenge’ so watch out for that.
Hope you enjoyed and thanks for reading!
Steph Louise x