My Bonfire Night 2016

I absolutely love the atmosphere of Bonfire night, I’m not sure if any other countries actually celebrate Bonfire night but ya’ll missing out if not.  When you think about why we actually celebrate November 5th, it’s pretty weird- we’re actually celebrating someone being burnt to death(?!) but let’s not dwell on that too much (if you’re not from the UK Google Guy Fawkes).

Last year me and Chris visited a local rugby stadium who set fireworks off to some music and it was amazing, the only thing missing is a bonfire but obviously, they can’t do one in the middle of a rugby pitch.  We visited again this year and it was just as pretty, I actually took nearly 500 photos but ended up with 7 I was actually happy with so I thought I’d pop them in a blog post.

Aside from it being freezing cold (where has this winter weather come from all of a sudden?), it was such a gorgeous display and the atmosphere was just so enthralling.

img_6271 img_6280 img_6145 img_6135 img_6060 img_5937 img_5853

How did you celebrate this year and what are your favourite things about Bonfire night?

steph louise x