The BEST Secret Menu Starbucks Drink


You know a Starbucks drink is good when you feel the need to do a blog post on it.  I’m normally a latte kind of girl but I felt adventurous on my recent trip to the infamous coffee shop and had a little look online at the secret menu (you can check out the website here).

I love anything sweet so I went by the name for this drink and it did not disappoint.  The warm sugar cookie is just as it sounds.  It tastes a little bit like Christmas Eve in a mug.

It is incredibly sweet so if you’re not into really sweet beverages then this may not be for you but if you have a sweet tooth, like myself, get yo’ ass down to your local Starbuck’s and order this:

White Mocha Hot Chocolate

Vanilla Syrup (1 pump)

Hazelnut Syrup (1 pump)

Once it’s done, sprinkle sugar on the foam and damnnn. You got yourself cookies in a drink.

You’re welcome.