Beauty Blender Cleanser Review // vanityandvodka

I’m not sure exactly how I obtained this little sample but I’ve had it in my collection for a little while so recently thought I’d give it ago.  This is the Beauty Blender Cleanser for make up sponges.

I don’t actually own a Beauty Blender because I can’t quite bring myself to spending that much money on a sponge but I do have (and love) a Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge  that needed a clean.  This sponge stains so so easily after just one use so I knew I wouldn’t ever get it back to normal but I wanted to see what it could do.




I was surprised because this product actually really disappointed me.  The liquid itself didn’t seem to lather up and actually didn’t feel like I was cleansing my sponge at all. I felt the product actually just disappeared into the sponge.

I carried on, following the instructions non the less and when I’d finished I couldn’t actually tell any difference what so ever.  Like I said- I knew it would’t be able to take off all of the stains but this didn’t actually seem to do much at all!

I think in future I’ll stick with my current cleansing products! Would you like to see a post on how I clean my brushes?

Steph Louise x