August Non Beauty Favourites


Hannah Lisa

I think I’ve been subscribed to this girl for a while now but it was only in August that I started watching her videos, I came across one of her vlogs during August and fell in love with her a little bit.  Hannah started vlogging/blogging as start of her mental health recovery and she’s doing so good.  Very honest, down to earth and funny girl- I’ve decided we’re going to be best friends (she isn’t aware of this yet, soz Hannah). Go check her YouTube channel out here, trust me- you’ll fall in love with her and her cute Yorkies within minutes.

Generation Why Podcast

I do love my true crime podcasts and this one is pretty rad.  Each episode they focus on a different crime and basically just chat about it for an hour or so which is my favourite type of podcast.  Definitely worth a listen if you enjoy your true crime podcasts and with lots of episodes there’s a decent bit to be catching up on.


I have found some gems in Matalan recently.  I’m normally a die-hard Primark shopper, but after visiting Matalan this month I think I may have a new favourite (nah who am I kidding? I fucking love Primark).  The price of their clothing  is really reasonable but the quality just feels a tad nicer than Primark (sorry bae).  I picked up quite a few autumnal bits which I’m a little bit overexcited to wear.


This month I’ve pretty much lived off Starbucks coffee.  Starting my new job this month meant I had to travel a bit further for training, luckily there was a Starbucks store on the way so I’m not complaining.  I did a post on my new favourite Starbucks drink here, which is pretty much what I was drinking every day but then September came and hello PSL.

Great British Bake Off

If this wasn’t a favourite for you in August then you need to sit your ass down and watch this shit.  I never thought baking could be so intense.

Now it’s September expect to see all of the autumn/winter themed posts over here. Sorry not sorry.

Steph Louise x