April Glossybox 2017 Unboxing and Review

april glossybox 2017

 Aaaaand we’re back again with another Glossybox unboxing, apologies if it seems to be all I’m posting recently (I promise I have some more posts coming!).  Glossybox impressed me again this month with a really exciting couple of products so here’s a run down of April’s box.

april glossybox 2017

Elgon Cleansing Conditioner // RRP £14.50

For me this was one of the most exciting products in the box, I have extremely dry ends and very oily roots so co-washing (along with washing my hair less) is something I’ve looked into.  This product promises to “remove residues without “stripping” the hair, leaving it manageable, brilliant, with vibrant colour” which sounds right up my street so I’m really excited to give this a go.

Update; left my hair feeling very ‘meh’ on the first go but I will persist and see if I can spot an improvement in the next few washes!

april glossybox 2017

ModelCo Contour Stick // RRP £17

For a retail value of £17 I was expecting quite a lot from this little contour stick and at first was pretty disappointed, on swatching the colour seemed way too dark and orange toned for me but when I used this for the first time on my face I was pleasantly surprised, the colour looks natural and the product blends effortlessly with my beauty blender.  Would I pay £17?  Probably not, I have a few NYX cream/liquid contour products similar to this that are less than half the price.

april glossybox 2017

Sportfx Double Time Brush, Buffer and Powder Duo // Full Size // RRP £10.99

It’s always an exciting box when a brush is included so I was quite chuffed when I discovered this dual ended brush in my box (not my favourite type of brushes due to how bloody difficult they are to store but I can’t be too picky).  I’ve never heard of this brand before but on doing some research it seems that most of their makeup is aimed at ‘active woman’, which I’m really not.  Saying that, I’ve popped this brush in my makeup bag (which funnily enough I take to the gym with me) and have been using it to apply my blush and bronzer.  The brush functions pretty well, it’s not the softest brush I’ve ever felt and sometimes I feel the ‘powder’ end doesn’t quick pick up as much product as I’d like, but aside from that, it’s a lovely brush to work with!

april glossybox 2017Merci Handy Love and Hand Cleansing Gel // Full Size // RRP £2.90

The fact that we MAY have a UK alternative to the Bath and Body Works hand gels makes me very excited.  These little gels (which look very similar to the old BBW packaging by the way) retail at £2.90 and come in quite a few different scents.  I’m excited to give these ago and I hope they live up to their Bath and Body Works alternative because I have quite a weakness for those little gels which can cost me a pretty penny when I have to get them from the US.

april glossybox 2017Radial Glamolash Mascara XXL // RRP £24

Sample size mascaras are never my favourite thing to receive in Glossybox simple because I have so bloody many, but I have tried a few Radial products in the past which I’ve really loved so I’m excited to give this a go.

Okay so what did you think of the products in this months box? Overall I was pretty impressed!