Alternative Advent Calendars

In the past few years more and more non-chocolate advent calendars have been appearing on our shelves and I’m certainly not complaining.  Here are a collection of some of my favourites:

Pub Crawl Advent Calendar

This one really caught my eye and made me chuckle, although it is technically chocolate I had to include it on this list.  The chocolates are in the shapes of little barrels and filled with caramel mixed with different craft beers.  I think my favourite thing about this calendar is the surprise chocolates throughout the calendar filled with things like Jager and Redbull.

Photo Advent Calendar

For something totally different this year, I think these photo advent calendars are lovely.  The one linked is made from Instagram photos and hung on a piece of ribbon but I have seen a few different varieties of this.  I love how personal these can be and the can make a fab decoration.

Prosecco Advent Calendar

I’m not a big prosecco drinker myself but I know a few friends who would love this!  Behind each door are mini bottles of prosecco, cava and champagne.  This is the most expensive of the calendars I’ve included in this post but it would certainly make an impressive gift for someone who loves their bubbly!

Bluebird Tea Calendar

If you’re a tea lover you have to have a look at Bluebirds Tea Calendar this year, it’s a 24 door calendar containing 18 of their tea’s along with other tea-related gifts.  I’m more of a coffee drinker but even I have a soft spot for Bluebird tea and some of their flavours in this calendar sound pretty drool-worthy.

What kind of advent calendar have you had this year? A good old chocolate calendar? Or something a little different?