A Tour of My Alex Drawers and A Make Up Collection?! // vanityandvodka

My Alex Drawers are my absolute favourite part of my room.  It holds my make up collection and majority of my skincare bits- and because of this is most definitely the most organised part of my room.

I’m planning on giving my YouTube Channel a little kick in the butt and restarting making videos occasionally- starting with my make up collection.  I’m not very confident making YouTube videos and writing is definitely my thing but I do want to give it another go.

Instead of doing a make up collection in a very long winded post I decided to do a little tour of the very top of my Alex drawers.

My Alex Drawers are next to my desk/dressing table and underneath an acrylic nail polish rack (another one has been ordered because that isn’t holding nearly enough nail polishes..oops).

On top of my drawers I have a little Yankee Candle jar in Candy Cane Lane- which was half price at Clintons after Christmas and smells so lovely and sweet with a hint of sweet mint.  I can’t remember where I picked the little plate from but I think it was either Tiger, Tesco or Asda.

My little glass milk bottle is from Ikea and normally I have a little pink flower in it but over winter I popped in these more wintery flowers/twigs from Tesco.

In the back I have my acrylic drawers from TKMaxx and a letter holder from Tiger which holds a few of my palettes, then on top of that I have the Kim Kardashian Selfish book.

In the first little acrylic drawer I have some essentials- a sharpener, cotton buds, contact lense cases, Simple Eye Make Up Remover Wipes, blotting sheets and a spooley.

Some more essential type things in the second drawer- Island Margarita Pocket Bac, eye drops, The Body Shop Almond Hand Cream, Makeup Eraser Clothes and some Bonjela.


Last drawer is my current go to make up, this changes regularly but this is what I currently have inside this drawer.

Maybelline BB Cream and Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer

L’Oreal True Match and Maybelline Baby Skin Primer

Calvin Klein Lip Gloss (Poundland mate, not paying full price for this pft)

The Wet n’ Wild Comfort Palette

My current favourite palettes-Morphe 35n, Gwen Stefani x Urban Decay, MUA Romantic Efflorescence, MAC Cool Toned Palette and The Balm Bon Voyage Palette (last two not pictured).

Make up collection may be up shortly..when I eventually get round to it I will post it on here as well as my Youtube!

Steph Louise x