A Christmas Graze! Blogmas #19 // vanityandvodka

Happy Saturday!!  5 days to go. Overexcited? Yes.

Anyway.. this arrived on my doorstep today as a present from the boyfriend.  I’m subscribed to Graze anyway but because of the way my boxes arrive I won’t be due another until the New Year so I never got a cute one with Christmas packaging.

christmas graze box

Whoever designed this packaging is spot on, because cute af.

graze opened

Included in this little box were two £5 gift vouchers for money of a box on graze.com which will make some awesome (yet free) Christmas presents for some foodies.

graze berries

First thing is the only thing I wasn’t keen on; cherries and berries- with cherries, lingonberries, cranberries and raisins.  I’m not keen on any of those fruits anyway and as they were dried, yeah not my thing.

graze box protein flap jack

The second thing was a cocoa and vanilla protein flapjack and this was sooo good.  Even Chris who hates anything remotely healthy thought this tasted good.

graze granola topper

This was meant to go on some granola but I may have eaten this all anyway.  It was maple flavoured granola, pecan pieces and oats and it was really yummy.

graze seaweed crackers

The last and only savoury thing in my box were these ‘very nori-sh’ rice crackers.  I remember that I actually got these in my very first graze box and I spent the next few weeks trying to find something similar without succeeding.  So I was super happy to find these!

Overall this was a pretty good box with a couple of favourites in so thanks babe!

5 days to go…. Aghhh.

Steph Louise x