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Oh haii girl.. I feel I haven’t sat down to write a post in a very long time, in reality it’s been about a week but since doing daily blogging in December and sticking to a fairly regular routine it feels wrong not to be blogging, taking photos, working on #girlswhoblog or even being active on social media regularly.

I haven’t got an excuse at all. I’ve not been particular busy, I haven’t run out of ideas, I haven’t had technical issues I’m just struggling to find my passion for sitting down and taking the time to blog. I still love blogging and everything about it so I’m not in anyway getting bored of it.  I feel like the problem is myself being slightly too picky on my blog, I’m not 100% happy with everything I do and will find a way to criticise myself/the content/photos etc.  And of course comparing my blog to other blogs makes things 10x worse and I’m really struggling to get out this little rut.

Every girl has insecurities and mine seem to be amplified by about 10x in my head right now which makes outfit/makeup photos hard to post, my photography and editing skills aren’t quite there since I’ve been trying to improve and getting my new camera etc. and I feel like some blog posts can be too rushed and the writing style just isn’t something I’d read myself.

-I will never suddenly gain confidence in myself and be able to post a tonne of photos of myself but I’m working on that..maybe one day?

-I’m looking for an online course in DSLR photography and photoshop editing but ultimately practice makes perfect so bare with me while photo quality differs.

-I need to set myself time every few days without distractions to write my posts and work on other bloggy admin bits.

I’ve got some exciting stuff coming up soon and a giveaway arranged for #girlswhoblog shortly so content won’t be short- my aim is to work on it…we’ll see how I go.

On a different note today’s outfit is my ultimate comfy/warm outfit. The camo jacket is from Wellsbourne Market but the best army style jackets I ever brought were actually from army outlet type stores.  So the jackets from there are second hand, having most probably been worn by a solider at some point- they’re very affordable, look awesome, are super warm and very hard to rip/damage in anyway.  I’m thinking about doing a post on the ones I have because they’re such an awesome buy.  I wore it with leggings and a t-shirt underneath with a snood but added some sequin converse style shoes.

These photos were taken at Broadway Tower- it’s a big tourist attraction but seeing as I live in Broadway I get to visit it as much as I like.  The tower was built for no actual purpose- just to look pretty so it still stands today and makes for really good photos.

Thank you for reading and sticking with my short little blogging breakdown. Follow me on Bloglovin’ to keep track of new posts- link in the side bar.

Steph Louise x